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At Business Institute, we are committed to educate Denmark’s most visionary and current business leaders and prepare them to excel at leading in a context characterized by high complexity. For this reason, Business Institute has a clear ambition to encapsulate the current leadership challenges and outline the trends that are driving the urgent need for change.

Our research methodology reflects a continuous search for new insights, collected annually through both surveys of business leaders as well as secondary research focused on emerging tendencies. The analyses are summarized in this leadership report.

The purpose of the leadership report is to document both present and future leadership priorities at a national and international level. Additionally, we aim to ensure that all of Business Institute’s educational programs reflect the highest level of current thought leadership and ‘Useful Education’ in a time of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Finally, the purpose is to inspire you as a leader and make you curious on how you can ensure that you and your organization is in sync with the external environment. Input for the leadership report comes from the following sources: