Download The Leadership Manifesto

The older I become, the clearer it is to me that we all have an obligation to make the world a better place. Economy and business must not be separated from people, and, therefore, I wish that future leaders accept the obligation and pleasure to lead from some of the guidelines my manifesto is describing. 21st century leadership must not remain a technical discipline driven by money and power. It must be a developmental philosophy filled with care and human understanding, so leaders who take responsibility for giving direction to others can be proud of their work and feel that they have chosen one of the most meaningful métiers I know.

The developmental philosophy can be simply expressed through the 10 dogmas mentioned below:

  1. Seperate leadership from management
  2. Maintain personal integrity
  3. Develop your craft
  4. Go on adventures and experiment
  5. Set goals and create movement
  6. Be stubborn and hardworking
  7. Results are more important than rules
  8. Create meaning and simplicity
  9. Be humane
  10. Believe in a better world

The dogmas above set the framework for proper leadership behavior in a chaotic and changeable world and they can follow the careers of even the youngest leaders. It is my hope that Danish leaders will ask themselves the question: “Do I follow the 10 rules?”, and for every affirmative answer, the energy and the results will grow.